Golf is a bourgeois sport indeed!

Video: Golf is a bourgeois sport indeed – English subtitles

I know some golf-haters will agree with some of what Chavez says in the video. But this is not about Golf. This is about a Governor being scared to admit to his boss that he likes Golf.

The clip also shows the way the country is run. A Governor has to go on a talk show to ask for money to refurbish a Hotel. All sorts of decisions are made by Chavez on his Sunday show. His words become Law soon after.

Before someone points out that freedom of speech must exist in Venezuela for that journalist to speak the way she does, I’ll just remind you that Chavez has already closed down 1 TV station and 34 radio stations.

The media outlets left standing are constantly attacked for saying stuff like this, as shown in this other clip (Spanish): Globovision attacked by Chavez supporters


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